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The Book of ECK Parables, Volume 2
The Book of ECK Parables, Volume 2
Harold Klemp
Item #: 011020


In the classroom of life, the lessons of the heart and Soul usually come through hard knocks. But in ECK, there is often an easier, faster way to learn.

This second volume of ECK parables clearly outlines hidden secrets of how God speaks to us today. The blackboard is a simple story—no weighty lectures about life here.

These one hundred and one light narratives were gathered from Sri Harold Klemp’s talks around the world. The tales give real solutions, but not in the way you’d expect. Physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual—you’ll learn by example how to tackle tough problems from the higher viewpoint of your true self, Soul.

At the video parlor, for instance, a girl explains how she learns a new game: "I watch somebody who knows how to play the game, and they explain it to me. They tell me how the points are made and where the dangers are. When I understand it pretty well, then I’ll play my own quarter." Spirit often works through friends, coworkers, even our pets, to show us how to play the game of life. But do we have the awareness to listen?

In a sense, this book is a field guide to Spirit. It helps you identify those ECK-filled moments in your day—those times when you are in communication with God.

You’ll discover ways the ECK may speak to you through a sudden comment by a child, a puzzling dream, or a friend who—in one shining moment— demonstrates how to be cause instead of the effect of others.

Of further help is the chapter on spiritual exercises. "The Stone Statue" leads you through a unique visualization of yourself as a statue. Gradually you see and feel your crusty shell dissolve—revealing the true, transcendent being inside. When practiced for a month or so, this simple exercise can enliven your spiritual pulse. The Sherlock Holmes exercise can help you solve problems, while the Lamp technique leads to a meeting with the Light Giver, the Mahanta, as you walk along a path at twilight.

Using these stories as a guide, you too can peer into the mirror of God. Commonplace events in daily life are revealed as reflections of the ECK, giving an accurate look at where you are now.

As you read, start looking for the spiritual parables in your own life. Study them carefully, using these stories as a guide. With practice, you’ll discover how God speaks to you each day.

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(large paperback, 311 pages)

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