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The Slow Burning Love of God
The Slow Burning Love of God
Mahanta Transcripts, Book 13 Second Edition Harold Klemp
Item #: 011323


The flame of God’s love cleanses and strengthens you. It keeps you moving ahead. It is God’s Voice, bringing you a joy you’ve never known before.

People say they just want the love of God, but when it comes—when it truly comes—it burns deep, burns slow, and burns long.

Some people don’t understand this. They feel the love of God is all sweetness and light—as indeed it is, at times. But there are other times when this divine love has a nature that transforms anyone who is so fortunate as to have this blessing of God. Divine love will tear your insides out and replace them with something better. Anyone who has ever been touched by this burning love of God will realize that once this kiss of God has touched your heart you will never be the same.

The effort then becomes to live in this world as a responsible human being. To go about your duties and to continue with your responsibilities while you are among people who have no idea at all about this deep love of God.

Most of you have known some kind of spiritual conversion, dramatic shift of consciousness, out-of-body experience, or renewed spiritual awareness. You know what you’ve found in ECK is real, but as the intensity fades, you wonder. Are you left with only dying embers? Or do you discover the long-lasting, slow burning love of God?

This thirteenth volume of the Mahanta Transcripts offers more than thirty different techniques to show you how to experience the presence of God in your life. How to reignite the first bright flames of your most profound spiritual experiences. How to move into higher states of consciousness, see truth when it comes to you, solve problems, and find your next spiritual step.

In these pages you’ll discover:

  • A meeting with the great ECK Master Rebazar Tarzs, who shows how the Master kindles this slow burning, long-lasting love for God within you
  • A woman who experienced the divine Sound as the roar of a freight train the first time she sang HU
  • Why we recognize HU from other lifetimes
  • What to do after you ask God, "Show me thy ways; show my thy truth; show me thy love."
  • How a single glance of love in a busy city changed a woman’s life
  • How three people saw a giant hand right an ECKist’s van to prevent a wreck
  • How to follow two simple spiritual laws to live in peace and justice

The stories in this book offer secrets to transform your individual, spiritual spark into an eternal flame of love for all life. These spiritual truths can help you lead a happy, balanced, and productive life and put daily concerns into loving perspective.

This book has been updated to include sidebar quotes that spotlight spiritual insights on each page.

See the complete Table of Contents

(large paperback, 272 pages)

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