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God Is Love
1998 ECK Worldwide Seminar, Minneapolis, Minnesota two CDs Sri Harold Klemp
Item #: 101872
Special Offer
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You probably came into this lifetime with a particular goal. And that goal was to learn the secret of life. Well, I’ll just tell it to you: God is love. Oh, sure, you knew that before. So, then what’s keeping you away from truth?

As you can imagine, the answers can be many and varied.

In a dream, a radio host’s departed grandmother showed him a catalog with a picture of an Italian motor­bike circled. “It can solve your financial problems,” she said. What did his grandmother mean? and why did she do that? The grandson soon found out.

One of the toughest jobs the MAHANTA has is changing the incentives of the truth seeker. A story about two cowboys in the desert drives the point home with clarity.

Janet was at a bingo game. She purchased two bingo cards and received too much change from her twenty-dollar bill. She didn’t feel right about keeping it, but those around her said, “Just keep it. You’ll spend it anyway.” What should she do? What would you do? How does God’s love enter into the picture?

Another woman, Joyce, took great delight in driving cloistered nuns to their medical and dental appointments. They all loved Joyce’s company, and Joyce loved theirs. What secret of life did they share with each other?

A businessman, who is also an ECKist, refused to give a cent to two teenagers wanting handouts but was generous to a disheveled man who looked like he might drink his breakfast. Why? What did the youth, the panhandler, and the ECKist learn from the experience?

There are many ways to answer all of these questions, but the best way is for you to experience this talk yourself.

Cross-reference: chapter 11, How to Survive Spiritually in Our Times, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 16

(two CDs)

Track Titles:

CD 1

  1. Welcome to the 1998 ECK Worldwide Seminar
  2. Soul Travel and the Information Age
  3. A Radio Host’s Profound Dream
  4. Two Cowboys, a Bet, and Spiritual Incentives
  5. Janet’s Real Prize

CD 2

  1. The Silver Cord
  2. Joyce and the Nuns Learn about Vibrations
  3. Panhandling Teens Get More than Coins
  4. Maybury’s Two Laws
  5. ECK Seminars—A Window of Opportunity


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1998 ECK Worldwide Seminar, Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Sri Harold Klemp
Item #: 298522B
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1998 ECK Worldwide Seminar, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Sri Harold Klemp
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1998 ECK Worldwide Seminar, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Sri Harold Klemp
Item #: M101872
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