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All Has Meaning
2002 ECK Summer Festival, Orlando, Florida two CDs Sri Harold Klemp
Item #: 102012
Special Offer
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People are always saying that the old way is better. Why? Because change is a difficult thing to come to grips with. Sometimes, as we change and grow spiritually, our lives feel so fragmented and confusing that it makes us wonder, What’s going on here?

Then we learn that all has meaning.

For example, Sri Harold and his wife Joan met Al, an actor who works as a grocery clerk. Al takes a great deal of pride in what he does. He bantered with them one day as he rang up their groceries, mentioning that his end-of-day tallies were so close, he was generally within an average of fifty cents a day.

No sooner did the words leave his mouth, than he froze and stared at the computer screen: it said he owed them $400,000 in change.

If all has meaning, what’s the meaning of this?

It is likely that many of today’s ECKists were around when Paul, the apostle, was serving his mission. And St. Paul and Paul Twitchell’s missions were similar. Learn more about why, by listening to this talk.

You’ll also discover why, at some point, Soul accepts change. Soul, or the individual, says, “OK, I can see the advantages to the new home. I’m finally used to it, and it’s just not worth the trouble going back to that old state of consciousness.”

All has meaning. How do we discover it? The answer to this question and many more are in this talk. Learn for yourself why all has meaning for the Soul going home to God.

(two CDs)

Track Titles:

CD 1

  1. A Fitting Title
  2. Al and the Many Little Zeros
  3. Sharing the Challenges of Saint Paul
  4. How Do People Find ECK?
  5. Lawson Follows the Yellow Light
  6. Marian’s Near-Death Experience

CD 2

  1. The Dogged Cat
  2. Sylvia’s Three Coincidences
  3. Nan Hears the Music of God
  4. Lucy’s Five O’clock Blessing

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2002 ECK Summer Festival, Orlando, Florida
Sri Harold Klemp
Item #: 202242
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2002 ECK Summer Festival, Orlando, Florida
Sri Harold Klemp
Item #: M102012
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2002 ECK Summer Festival, Orlando, Florida
Broadcast DVD
Sri Harold Klemp
Item #: 298652B
Price: $15.00
2002 ECK Summer Festival, Orlando, Florida
Broadcast DVD
Sri Harold Klemp
Item #: 298702B
Price: $15.00
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