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What's It All About?
2000 ECK Springtime Seminar, San Diego, California CD Sri Harold Klemp
Item #: 101922
Special Offer
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What’s it all about? Trying to answer this question is a challenge, like trying to squeeze an elephant’s foot into a shoe. So this talk is divided into three parts: (1) the riddle of the question, (2) the gift of change, and (3) the riddle of God.

You begin to explore the riddle of the question through Bernard and his package-punching coworker. One simple question from Bernard changed his coworker’s attitude. Michelle solves her riddle with insights from an experience with the Golden-tongued Wisdom. An ECK introductory book and a woman with a shopping cart hold the keys for her. A grandmother grieves over the death of her grandchild until she attends an ECK workshop on getting answers.

What did these people learn? What set them free?

The gift of change can pull us out of our routines and put us in a strange place where nothing is familiar. Why do we receive such gifts? What do they bring us? A comical story of an ECKist’s encounter with his own seven-year-old beard shows you the answer.

So does Susan’s story. Out of the blue, Susan was asked to speak at an Eckankar regional seminar. Her first time for such a talk. She found herself in a very strange place. Though the situation was frightening for her, she accepted the invitation. After she completed her talk, Susan found something that will help you clearly see what you receive from the gift of change.

Once we begin to understand the riddle of God, we discover an important secret about our spiritual destiny. A chapter in Stranger by the River by Paul Twitchell gives more clues to unravel this riddle. So does a parable about a trick question some clever village boys posed to an old wise man.

You now have a chance to discover what it’s all about for yourself. This talk, in its own way, shows you how.


Track Titles:

  1. Welcome to the 2000 ECK Springtime Seminar
  2. Health, Healing, and Divine Spirit
  3. The Riddle of the Question
  4. A Gift Wrapper’s Contract with the Holy Spirit
  5. Michelle and the Golden-tongued Wisdom
  6. A Grandmother’s Release of Grief
  7. How Religions Define God
  8. The ECK-Master Look-Alike
  9. Susan Embraces the Unexpected
  10. What Is the Riddle of God?
  11. Test of the Wise Man
  12. Talk Overview

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2000 ECK Springtime Seminar, San Diego, California
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Sri Harold Klemp
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2000 ECK Springtime Seminar, San Diego, California
Sri Harold Klemp
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2000 ECK Springtime Seminar, San Diego, California
Sri Harold Klemp
Item #: M101922
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