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Autobiography of a Modern Prophet
Autobiography of a Modern Prophet
audiobook thirteen CDs Harold Klemp
Item #: 161102


This is not just about the experience of God, but also about what precedes and follows the experience. It shows how Sri Harold Klemp, the MAHANTA, the Living ECK Master came to terms with the state of God Awareness in his everyday life. Tucked away in the hidden places of this book are clues as to how you too may reach the glories of God.

Table of Contents:

  1. Was This an ECK Master?

  2. A Question of Salvation

  3. Fate’s Unseen Hand

  4. The Silver Cord

  5. Barriers to God

  6. The Face of the Master

  7. Seeing My Future

  8. Past-Life Adventures

  9. The Travelers of ECK

10. A Short Spiritual Exercise to Try

11. Good-bye Church, Good-bye Farm

12. The Squeeze Is On

13. A Proofreader’s Bright, New Future

14. Dorothy’s Miracle

15. This Was Not the Tooth Fairy

16. A Big Turning Point

17. Bedlam in the Proofroom

18. The Experience of God

19. In Cold, Dark Waters

20. This Night Turns Stranger Still

21. A Madness for God

22. At the Police Station

23. Spirits of a Different Kind

24. At Peace in My Prison

25. The Unknown ECK Master Returns

26. A New Start in Texas

27. Taking Stock of My Spiritual Goods

28. Magazine Sales?

29. A Real Printer Is Born

30. Paul Twitchell’s Translation

31. Getting Ready for a New Living ECK Master

32. A Star Trembles for the New Master

33. Test for the Rod of ECK Power

34. The Voice of Prophecy Speaks

35. On the Road in a Broken Car

36. A Vehicle for ECK

37. Hard, Hard Times

38. How I Kept the Line to Spirit Open

39. Play Ball!

40. Prophecy and the Big Picture

41. From the Master’s Chair

42. A Blank Page in History

43. The Endless Journey to God

44. Road to Mastership

(thirteen CDs)

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