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The Window of Heaven—Your ECK Initiation
1997 ECK Summer Festival, Anaheim, California CD Sri Harold Klemp
Item #: 101812
Special Offer
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This talk covers four very important points that are interconnected:

  1. Your state of consciousness is nothing more than your state of acceptance.
  2. Each initiation increases your ability to accept the blessings of life.
  3. Love and discipline are keys to spiritual success.
  4. Love God because God loves you. Love each other because God made you all.

These points are interconnected. You can only begin to open the window to heaven through your ability to give and accept love. This means your state of acceptance. For example, your ability to be healed often depends on your state of acceptance. The same is true of your spiritual progress and your initiations.

The more conscious you become, the more aware you become of God’s love in your life. And the more love and responsibility you can accept. Your initiation carries a great responsibility, but it also gives the ability to open your heart to life around you and to all of God’s creatures.

Accepting responsibility gives you the opportunity to grow in love and discipline, the keys to successful spiritual growth. Most people have pain because they have unconsciously broken a spiritual law at some time in the past.

Initiations are an opportunity, not a guarantee.

When you recognize and accept responsibility for breaches of spiritual law in the past, you open the window of opportunity for spiritual lessons to come into your life to teach you greater love and compassion. When the lessons are learned, you move forward.

By the end of this talk, you’ll understand yourself and your level of initiation better. You’ll learn how to open the window of heaven and be open to accepting the treasures of greater peace, contentment, and happiness.


Track Titles:

  1. Welcome to the 1997 ECK Summer Festival
  2. A Dreamer Reads the Book of Rules
  3. How Life Teaches Humility
  4. ECK Initiations versus Baptism
  5. Consciousness Equals Acceptance
  6. Anchors to the Past and Self-Responsibility
  7. Shooting Baskets for Love
  8. Boundaries for Children and the Law of Love
  9. Big Wig Loses His Feathers
  10. Serving Your Fellow Creatures
  11. Your Stories with the Holy Spirit

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More The Window of Heaven—Your ECK Initiation
1997 ECK Summer Festival, Anaheim, California
Sri Harold Klemp
Item #: M101812
Price: $7.00
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